JABSOM Foundational Sciences and Graduate Programs Professionalism Concern or Question

Aloha! As JABSOM works toward a culture of safety, inclusivity, and true aloha for our learners, employees, and patients, we have created this anonymous concern form that anyone can complete at any time.

Any responses will be reviewed every Friday at 6:00 p.m. by our JABSOM Ombudsman, Mr. Chang Kim. As concerns are raised, he will also make the leadership of the relevant program, office, or department aware. Aggregate data will be reviewed at the JABSOM Professionalism Advisory Committee (JPAC), which meets at least twice a year to review data and trends, and make recommendations to the Associate Deans and Interim Dean Buenconsejo-Lum for areas of improvement. To help target efforts, we ask that you try to categorize your concerns in the form below.  In the comment boxes, please add any additional information.  The more specific examples you give, the more we can follow up to determine the next best action(s).

Because we will only be reviewing responses at the end of each week or over the weekend, please contact one of the following (as appropriate to your situation) if you feel this concern should be addressed urgently.

  • Your immediate supervisor, Graduate Program Director, or Department Chair
  • Your Human Resources contact (if you are a JABSOM, UHP, RCUH, or UHF employee)
  • Office of the Associate Dean for Research (Dr. Marina Gerschenson808-692-1518 gerschen@hawaii.edu
  • UHM Graduate Division Dean (Dr. Julienne Maeda) 808-956-754 julienne@hawaii.edu
  • JABSOM Deputy Title IX Coordinator (Ms. Coco Seymour) 808-692-1160   cseymour@hawaii.edu
  • [confidential resource] JABSOM Ombudsman for faculty and staff (Mr. Chang Kim)  808-692-1210  cuk@hawaii.edu  ombuds.jabsom.hawaii.edu
  • [confidential resource]  UH Manoa Title IX Campus Advocate (Ms. Jamie Newalu)  808-956-9499   manoaadv@hawaii.edu or jnewalu@hawaii.edu  https://www.hawaii.edu/titleix/help/confidential/

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out directly to Dr. Gerschenson.